Technology Is Brain Washing Our Kids !

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Technology is Brain Washing Our Kids! Imagine being a kid in the 1980’s. Kids back in those days would run around outside all day, using their imagination to create imaginary worlds to travel to imaginary places that made way for creative ideas and inventions as they grew older. One of those inventions turned out to be the tablet, the iPhone, or the netbook. Basically anything that made everything easier. Everything is now easier. One can simply look up an article and read it on their computer or phone, or research the latest fashion trends without having to keep updated on the latest magazine. Easier is okay. Let’s make things easier, but it’s when the easier starts finding its way into school systems. Easy technology usage becomes a problem when it creeps into our school, when the unreliable, and brainwashing abilities of technology creep into the minds of the young to hurt their ability to actually truly learn and experience life for what it should be. Computers have made writing papers easier, emails have made communicating with teachers more efficient, and the Internet has made access to information become extraordinarily easy to come by. However, in this picture, a fourth grade teacher is asking her students to complete an assignment with their technology. Obviously, this assignment is supposed to be a warm-up, something at the beginning of the year to help the kids back into the swing of school. While they should be picking up a pencil and thinking of how to write
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