Technology Is Changing The Way We Live

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Technology is changing the way we live as humans and it will continue to. It changes the way we understand our surroundings and how we interact as humans with one another. It influences our modern life in many ways and as it keeps advancing many are wondering if we can keep up. These effects are positive, negative or sometimes even both. Technology impacts everything, but it has a large impact on the future of the environment, education, our health and jobs. The future of technology is moving at an electric rate; it has our communities wondering if we can keep up. Technological advancements rapidly growing can leave society in a difficult place that could potentially destroy the world and leave us spinning with answers. We as a world have achieved a lot regarding technology and it will continue to shape the future. Regardless of the positives, negatives or what becomes of it, they are all part of the technological world and we have no choice, but to keep learning. Technology impacts the environment in many ways because they depend on each other, but most of the impacts are negative. The first impact are the dangers of pollution because the products used to produce Information Technology Equipment. Chowdhury and Shanmugan state “only two percent of the materials used in the production of personal computers become part of the products and the other 98 percent are dumped as wastes” (128). The second impact is the transportation of IT equipment will leave a significant amount
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