Technology Is Destroying The Music Industry

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Every adult, over the age of 18, has seen the changes the music industry has gone through since the introduction of the internet, digital downloading, and online streaming. We have heard that Tapes, CDs, MP3s, and the internet were going to destroy the industry. Have they destroyed it yet? According to Ian Morris, Author of the article, "Technology is Destroying the Music Industry, Which is Great for the Next Taylor Swift", music is changing but the only thing the internet is destroying are the record labels. Which he explains as a good thing for the industry. Morris talks about the roles the record label plays and why it 's on the way out. The biggest change in music since the internet was the development of Napster. 2014 marked fifteen years after the rise and fall of this online file sharing platform. The article "15 years After Napster: How the Music Service Changed the Industry", by Alex Suskind, talks about the failed program and why the biggest change in the music industry made record labels scared. So what does this all mean and why should people care? Well for starters when it comes to musicians and record labels, the company makes most of the money, as well as most of the decisions. Music was never meant to be something that was used for money. Music is made enjoyment and should be shared without extensive rules and regulations. Music existed before man and will exist after. It is not something that should be governed by big companies looking to make money. The
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