Technology Is Evolving And Upgrading

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Technology is evolving and upgrading by time but does it real help students or people in general in their education, even in their social skills, and in there career. Many people think technology make people more lazy or inactive, but sometimes you just need to stop for a minute and think if it real affect are new generations. It would affect use in positives way and the doors they open for use, just if we don’t use it in a negative way and the way you us it. In a way that could help us successes in life. It would help use in are way of communicating and interacting with people through technology and makes are life’s a little bit easier, just way from your fingertips.

Now a day’s students are more like to succeed in school and making
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Technology lets use communicate instantly no matter how apart we are from community, or where you from. Telephones and the internet are a huge example of this. Even helps translate languages so people can understand what others are saying even if they don’t speak the same language. They are different kind of software’s, like automatic translation and even google translator works. People usually use social skills in different kinds of media like in phone, texting, and calling, even in internet like Facebook, twitter, and emails. But this helps use by finding friend you haven’t talked to for years and helps to keep in touch with love one and family. In away technology helps use communicate with everyone in the world. It helps use by talking to professional, teacher, and even coaches through media. Well it helps use communicate and it’s the best way to communicate because in second you could send a massages. When you’re busy and you don’t have the time to see someone or you moved to the other side of the world it’s the best way to communicate. Like for example in my own experience, I could communicate with my grandma via FaceTime or skype, when I did have the time to go visit her in the hospital. That was my way to communicate with my grandma. But one of the most popular things I have herd and seen these days is how social media and technology are affecting people and their social skills. We are often communicating with people
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