Technology Is Harmful

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Amanda Ish
Mrs. Mikush
English 10
Too Much Technology
Technology has taken a huge toll of importance in the lives of people now-a-days. However, a question arises. Is all of the technology that is being brought into our lives really more helpful or harmful? I feel that people are building too much of a dependence on technology and that it is harming society more than it is helping it.
There are many negative effects of computer technology in our lives and what the dangers of having them in our lives are. The government stores many files of personal information about people all over the country in databases (Computers). This worries people about the criminals who might try to steal their personal information and use it
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It is also easier to bully via electronics than physically not only because stature and built do not matter when it comes to cyber bullying, but that most adolescents have their own personal computers and their parents are not constantly watching over them to prevent it from happening (School Violence, 2008). Cyber bullying leaves people in emotional, as well as, physical turmoil. This will cause emotional turmoil even though the messages can be deleted from the source does not mean that the intent of the messages doesn’t stick. Even if a person deletes all the harmful evidence of what is said a person may never forget what is said in them. Most adolescents use the internet at least once a day. And most use it at home too so there really is no escape from the harm of cyber bullying unless you withdraw from using electronics altogether. Cyber bullying can cause such severe emotional pain it can lead to physical pain as well. Some people who are awfully cyber bullied begin to feel as though they are so worthless they will harm themselves or in some extreme cases kill themselves:
In the case of Tyler Clementi, 18, he killed himself by jumping off of the George Washington Bridge in New York. His college roommate secretly recorded him engaging in sexual activity with another person and tried to stream it over the web. His roommate then proceeded to tweet about the
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