Technology Is Influencing Adult Population

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It’s hard not to see or use a technology tool in our daily life, if we live in a modern world. The bombardment starts early in the morning and it will be manifested through our day in several ways, the regular person will wake up and check the apps on the cellphone while drinking a coffee, it can be for example to read news on the web, daily market numbers or for social interaction with others. The expansion to advanced options of communications like smartphones and tablets are great examples of the accelerated transition to a mass online communication. The social use of technology is influencing adult population in our present. According to Pew Research Center (n.d) data collected up to September 2014 in the online environment: • 71% of adults use Facebook • 23% of adults use Twitter • 26% of adults use Instagram • 28% use Pinterest • 28 % use LinkedIn This technology tools allows adults to keep in touch with technology, society, and learning, actually based on research from Pew Research Center (n.d) by examine a survey in November 2010 several elements were identified like the increase in social network sites are been used in order to elevated the numbers of social interaction, and the average user of social media is half likely to be in isolation from society that the average person living in North America. Business and Office uses of Technology Today, every business in this country is able to recognize the tremendous power of technology to sell products or incorporate
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