Technology Is Making Its Way Into Classrooms Across The Nation And The World Essay

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As our world becomes increasingly globalized and reliant on new and innovative technologies, it is no wonder that technology is making its way into classrooms both across the nation and the world. When I was secondary school, we used technology every so often to complete various assignments, with many of my classes often taking a trip to the computer labs in my school. However, much of our everyday class work was still done the “traditional” way—that is, using a pen and paper—and once again the use of technology when I was in school was essentially reserved for assignments such as papers or projects. This is why, when I entered my corresponding school for the first time, I was rather taken aback by how much the use of technology has increased. Despite graduating a few years ago, the dynamics of some schools and classrooms around the world have drastically changed within the past few years, for there has been a huge technology initiative that many schools are attempting to embrace. In most cases, this push to incorporate devices such as iPads and laptops in every single course every single day, and students often receive school-issued devices to use both in the classroom and at home to complete their schoolwork. The school at which I was placed for my student observation hours has taken part in this technology initiative present in some schools throughout the nation. Specifically, they have done so by providing each and every student with a school-issued Chromebook, which
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