Technology Is Not A Distraction

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Technology is not a distraction, it is a benefit. Technology is one of the most controversial and innovative subjects in recent history. It has been said that technology will preserve the human race, and we will survive longer in the future due to technology breakthroughs. However, many claim that technology is destroying our minds and causing us to remain distracted throughout daily life activities. Recently, teachers and professors have struggled with their students with being distracted by current technological devices during lectures. Teachers should use technology in the classroom because it improves student’s achievements, keeps student’s involved, and promotes higher thinking. For example, US News journalist Ryan Lytle wrote an article stating an Advanced Placement Calculus teacher named Stacey Roshan, an instructor at Bullis; a private school for students in grades three through twelve in Potomac, Maryland. According to Lytle, the students in her class “faced the problem of trying to keep her engaged as she walked them through the difficult mathematics curriculum. During her previous three years at the school, Roshan notes, students were routinely stupefied by the traditional classroom lecture and often left class with more questions than answers”(Lytle). “They wanted so much more time in the classroom to work on problems,” Roshan Says. Ms. Roshan decided to act on her own initiative and take her students lack of answers from her lectures into her own hands. She
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