Technology Is Not Good For Students

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In todays society technology is becoming more popular in our school systems, and even in our workforce. Many people may argue that technology is not good for students, but I disagree. Technology in the classroom is very important for students not only for their social, or learning lives but also when they get into the workforce. If students learn technology in their early years they will not have a difficult time when they enter the workforce to find that there is a lot of technology being used. Since the first affordable personal computer came out in the 1980’s technology has had a big impact on children in the K-12 grade classroom. As technology has become more reliable and more available in schools the role of the teacher has changed. When a teacher has knowledge in technology, teachers are able to teach students to become successful learners in the 21st century, which will allow them to find, seek, and assimilate data from multiple sources. As we all know education does not stop in the K-12 grade classroom or even at the college level. In todays society students continue to educate themselves even if they are not in the classroom. “With students continuing to educate themselves it helps them prepare to self teach in order to be competitive in the 21st century job force” (Molnar). Many of us may see that there are many careers out there that require an individual to have education in technology. Since technology is increasing more and more not only in our environment but
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