Technology Is Not Science Fiction

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Implanted with a Chip People today are enamored with the idea of having the latest, coolest technologies in their possession, and no matter what comes down the pipeline they will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it. What would someone do if they found out that there was a piece of technology that would allow them to unlock their car with the palm of their hand, and start the car with that same hand just by touching the steering wheel. How about if they could go to the bank and withdraw money from their account without ever having to pull out their debit card or any form of identification. Now how about this, someone goes to the grocery store fills their cart with everything on their shopping list, and then exits the store never having stopped at the checkout counter. This sounds like a piece of technology that people would want to get their hands on. How would people react to find out that this piece of technology is not science fiction but indeed science fact? Although the idea of putting microchip implants in human beings may have many valuable uses, the potential to make life easier, and seems like the natural progression in technological advancement it should not be taken lightly. Implanting people with microchips is undoubtedly the wrong direction in which to take the society; the implementation of microchip implants will be the catalyst that causes everyone to forgo their freedoms and right to privacy. The microchip implant is being marketed as a possible
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