Technology Is Not The Only Culprit

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It is difficult to imagine life without using a computer in a modern world. In recent years, many children have started using technological gadgets before the age of three, while in the past, teenagers spent only a few hours a day using a computer. This young generation receive more information from internet, however, students in the past used other kinds of sources such as books, newspapers, etc. (Lewis, 2008). Children who use the computer frequently are exposed to a wide range of information that can help them in their academic and professional life. However, some people state that using a computer for a long time can be harmful. According to the author (Whitby, 2011) of Is your child safe online? ‘’Children have more sensitive eyes than adults and extra precautions should be taken to prevent excessive eye strain. Gaming is not the only culprit. General computers use can also prove harmful; the glare from the screen can make it hard for some children to concentrate’’ (p. 29). First of all, students who spend time on the internet could find a wide range of information to do the research or improve their grades. For example, the majority of pupils who have computers and tablets to store information and find answers to questions. These students perform better on exams, because of the fact that they are independent learners. Furthermore, multiple programmes in computers such as MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Microsoft Video Maker make
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