Technology Is On The Rise Than Ever Before

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Technology is on the rise more than ever before. Due to the fact that technology has drastically changed the way we behave, think and do things in our daily lives, it seems as though students experience it first-hand, as opposed to previous generations. The different methods and uses of technology have been exposed to all of us in some way or manner. One of the greatest transformative areas that technology is playing a large part in is the healthcare industry. “A new area of focus in the HIT domain is the healthcare consumer, including both patients and non-patients. Consumer health informatics is an emerging field (that includes mHealth) that engages healthcare consumers in maintaining and monitoring their health using technology, including the Internet, smart phone applications, and monitoring devices. For example, social networking is being used by consumers for a variety of purposes” (Chaterjee, LeRouge & Tremblay, 2013, p.5). As people populate this world in different areas and new children are being born into this world, the healthcare industry radically changes for the better in most cases, however other complicated cases still arise.
Being employed at Life’s WORC, a non-profit healthcare organization, “…That delivers high quality support services to individuals with developmental disabilities” (Life’s WORC, 2014). Both organizations are related to the healthcare field as they are providing services to the disabled and those on the autism spectrum but this has been

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