Technology Is Solving So Many Of Our First World Problems

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We live in a world where technology is solving so many of our first-world problems. While we have all these solutions, there are examples of when the old way was very helpful. For instance, a few months ago, I left my cellphone and keys in a building that I had just completed cleaning. It was late in the day and I had no access to either email or my contacts. Here’s the clincher…I also had not memorized my boyfriend’s phone number. That seems ridiculous, but I had never needed to actually know the number before that. I would simply find him in my contacts and call. 10 years ago, I knew everyone’s phone number by heart. I would dial it a couple of times and then never forget it. But, here I was, stuck in a parking lot with no phone numbers. I ended up borrowing someone’s phone to get on my Facebook account and messaging a friend to have my boyfriend call me. It was a chaotic and stressful evening and one I never want to repeat. This is an example of a skill I have lost- remembering phone numbers. If you had the opportunity to teach 5 skills to the youth of today, what would you show them? There’s a chance that one or more skills that are slowly disappearing are still needed every so often. I’ve chosen 5 things below that I am happy to have learned and would love to pass on. 1. How to build a fire- Even if you never have to build your own fire, the value of having a general understanding of the best way to place the tinder and arrange the branches could be priceless in
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