Technology Is Taking Humanity For New And Better Heights

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The modern world that humans live in has become one filled with all kinds of technology. With more and more of these inventions being created every day, the world and peoples’ ways of life are changing rapidly. There are many who are optimistic about this fast-paced progress, believing that technology is taking humanity to new and better heights. However, there is reason to believe that the current direction that technology is taking may not be so positive. The present day developments in technology have an increasingly negative impact on various factors in humans’ lives and are in need of increased regulation and moderation. Due to constant use of the Internet, cellphones, and other devices, a significant number of people have become worse at empathizing with others. Technology encourages a bystander effect where people believe it is more important to record an incident rather than helping out. It has become alarmingly normal for a crowd of people to whip out their phones and start recording an accident or fight instead of doing something about it. Christina Nava, a journalist, criticizes the growing lack of action, pointing out that people now “will remain glued to [technology], even at the expense of another person’s safety” (Nava). Nava’s point is to show how technology has taken priority over others, since people now clearly believe filming is more valuable than a human life. Many of these bystanders are influenced to record so that they can post the video on social
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