Technology Is Taking Over Daily Classroom Learning Essay

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Every year technology advances more and more. Due to this, the purpose of this paper is to inform how much technology has become a necessity to learning in a classroom setting. Nowadays, students can walk into a classroom and the instructor can stay at their desk while a PowerPoint plays. Therefore, technology has advanced so much that all an instructor has to do is lift their finger and press a button and their lesson is ready to go. In this paper, I have researched and discussed this growing phenomenon in hope that people will see how fast technology is taking over daily classroom learning. Technology Takeover Chalkboards have become a thing of the past as teachers continue to bring new technology into the classroom. Schools today have altered over the last couple of years. One of the major changes has been the use of technology in the classroom. With the usage of modern technology, teaching has become more evolved in the classroom. When walking into a classroom students are bound to see some type of electronic device. Ninety-seven percent of teachers have one or more computers located in the classroom (Wade, Rasmussen, Fox-Turnbull, 2013). Teachers use electronic devices for not only their benefit but the students also. With these educational tool teachers have established a way to help students learn and be more active in daily classroom assignments. Media usage among children eight to eighteen has grown so fast that they spend on average twice as much time with
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