Technology Is Taking Over People 's Lives

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A text message or a phone was checked before reading this. It goes to show; technology is taking over people’s lives because everywhere someone goes technology exists. However, technology acts as a basic necessity for this generation because every question, game, or conversation happens at his or her disposal. But with the emergence of social media, people swarm Facebook or Instagram posting explicit photos or ridiculing others in order to achieve self-confidence. Technology has provided the misguided confidence society has direly waited. Do people really have such low self esteem that the number of likes dictates their popularity and looks? Nobody is to blame but him or herself for letting a piece of equipment command their lives. Everything happens on people’s phones these days. The need to go outside vanished because technology acts as a world itself. People are isolating themselves from their friends and family in order to be on Facebook. An analysis on technology reveals that technology has led to deaths, broken relationships, and insecurities. Electronics create a mental purgatory for the user. People have lost contact with the outside world that their minds have adapted to a vibration or a “beep”. Unfortunately, society needs to come back to reality. People have progressed to expressing a false identity through social media for comfort. Social media raises insecurity in people that some sign in to Facebook or Instagram waiting to see how many likes they have…
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