Technology Is The Best Solution For Implementing The Organizational Culture Of A Company Into A Living, Breathing Firewall

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A recent report published by tech giant IBM (2015), found 95% of all security breaches are the result of human error. Once considered a non-issue, personnel mistakes are now considered the largest risk to any company’s security. While some security professionals advocate that advanced technology is the best solution for mitigating cyber security risks, human errors in the workplace can be prevented with a management led strategy. High Reliability Organizations (HROs), which focus on the human factor of failure, challenge executives and management to transform the organizational culture of a company into a living, breathing firewall. Although sociotechnical errors are common, HROs are able to diminish risks by implementing a strategy that includes increased training, mandatory change management protocols, and a distinct revision in workplace culture.
According to the Ponemon Institute (2014), the average cost of investigating and responding to data breaches containing confidential information reached $3.5 million, per targeted company. This is a 15% increase from the previous year, and highlights the significant cost of a malignant security leak (Ponemon, 2014). A technological approach to mitigating cyber threats is often the first line of defense for protecting a company’s information. Intrusion detection software, anti-virus software, and other network defenses all do a remarkable job at keeping most threats at bay. However, “the unpredictability (or…
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