Technology Is The Blame For The World Ending

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Technology is accelerating so rapidly in the 21st century it will either steer civilization into a revolutionary futuristic era or send it into a post-apocalyptic armageddon. The distress and anxiety of the world ending influenced writers of the 1950’s who were surrounded by threats of nuclear weapon testing and radioactive fallout from the sky polluting the environment. These authors envisioned their perspective of what the world would be like after everything was destroyed, technology was gone, and everyone had lost hope. These scenarios leave us to question if arrogance or curiosity could be the blame for the world ending. In the following stories, humans learn how to trust each other in order to rebuild society after post apocalyptic…show more content…
With knowledge comes responsibility that the society before them did not have. Benet justifies why the priests had made the dead places and the east forbidden to the hill people, by letting John leave and learn how human error can lead to self- destruction. The hill people will have to patiently rebuild trust by slowly giving them back the amount knowledge that they can handle. John’s father explained this to him by saying, “Truth is a hard deer to hunt. If you eat too much truth at once, you may die, you may die of the truth”. John understands the truth must come little by little and realizes the reason for their own self- destruction was because they ate the knowledge too fast. Gradually, the civilization will learn to trust its people again in order to advance and rebuild.
John, filled with passion and knowledge knows his mission is now to help his people rebuild their civilization and recapture the lost knowledge from the broken city. Along the east coast, they are more than just the hill people. They are descendents of survivors from the war, living in a tribe in the countryside west of the Hudson River where men use bows and arrows to hunt and women spin wool to make fabric.They lack the knowledge we take advantage of in today’s
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