Technology Is The Center Of Our Lives

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Robots are taking over! Well no, not yet anyhow, but will they? Technology is the center of our lives and we use it for all sorts of things from sending a man to the moon to creating a new bomb. Over time, peoples’ idea of the future has gone from a beautiful technological utopia to a dirty and dismal dystopia of destruction and darkness. They may see the future this way because they are now realizing what mankind is doing with our technological prowess and how we are helpless to stop going down the path we made for ourselves. (reword: how we are helpless in stopping ourselves from going down the path we made.) If you weren’t born into it, technology assists us in our everyday lives and is constantly doing more and more. Think about it, what is one thing everyone has in their pocket? Smart or not, everyone has a phone and everyone loves their phone. Take that phone away from people and they will realize how hard it is to function in this day and age without its handy apps and abilities. I myself was without a mobile phone for about a month and it was incredibly difficult to schedule appointments or navigate around this city without it. Not only are people attached to their phones, but people are addicted to their computers and the internet. Nearly every person has a family computer or their own personal computer. People will often come home after work or school to spend the rest of the day on the computer playing games or browsing the internet. It’s no surprise how often

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