Technology Is The Implementation Of Technology Into The Classroom Essay

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A rising topic among school districts across the nation is the implementation of technology into the classroom. Originally I wanted to write a paper on how schools should focus on managing the sizes of their classrooms, but that is something very difficult for an administrator to control. Technology has become increasingly more utilized in schools around America. Technology is important because it allows the teacher to find multiple ways to teach an assignment and the students learn in a hands on environment. But putting a piece of technology into every student’s hand is a tough task to ask for considering budget limitations can be very tight for some school. For our School Presentation Project, I interviewed my old middle school principal, and the topic of technology’s place in the classroom came up. He believes that technology is something that should be implemented in classrooms across the world because of how much is at the literal fingertips of the students. As a result, I believe that technology is a crucial factor in the education process of our students because it allows schools to expand and be more versatile with their teaching strategies.
Technology is not only growing in the classroom, but increasingly so in our culture today. Part of a school’s responsibilities is to prepare its students for the ‘real world’ or life after education. Implementing more technology into a school would not only be making class potentially easier for its students but keeping them up
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