Technology Is The Internet Of Things

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Abstract: The next big boom in the networking fields is the Internet of things (IoT). The basic idea of IoT is the networking of different physical devices, smart devices, vehicles and also the items embedded with electronics, software, sensors etc. to the internet. IoT is playing a more and more important role. It covers from traditional equipment to most general household objects such as WSNs and RFID. With this great potential of IoT there come security problems which are discussed in this paper. As IoT is built on the internet, security problems of the internet will also show up in the IoT. IoT contains three layers: perception layer, transportation layer and the application layer. This paper analyses the security problems related to each layer separately and try to find the new solutions for the problems. 1.INTRODUCTION With the rapid development of IoT of things, there are a variety of IoT applications that contribute to our everyday life. They cover from more traditional equipment to the general household things. This makes human life much better. On the other hand, there are many challenges are in the way of IoT. In terms of scalability, IoT applications that require large number of devices to connect with each other, this becomes difficult in some scenarios where there is a restriction on time, energy constraints, processing and memory, for example: if one wants to calculate the daily temperature across the country there should be millions of devices involved
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