Technology Is The Work Place Environment

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Another situation that technology is affecting is the work place environment. Many companies and jobs are using cutting-edge technology to help make work easier. More than 81% of employees work using their personal mobile devices and 33% of Americans use at least three devices for work (Miller-Merrell, “46% of Managers Believe Employees Misuse Social Media and Work Technology”). Using technology can make it easier to get ahold of someone faster and to draw more attention over the World Wide Web. The web can be used for many workplace situations such as recruiting. 91% of recruiters use social media for recruiting young soldiers (Miller-Merrell, “46% of Managers Believe Employees Misuse Social Media and Work Technology”). Employees and…show more content…
When fellow employees have machines to do work for them and to talk for them, people may not even be communicating at their jobs. Interpersonal communications are important to building workplace relationships, this interaction is killed by technology tools which results in them becoming reserved and self-centered and burying themselves into work which is harmful for business (Ramey, “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in the Workplace”). Technology is throwing itself at teenagers with full force and it is affecting this generation of adolescents more than any generation before. The advancements with technology have made the way to teen’s brains. Most adolescents communicate through cell phones and social media even when they are right next to one another. According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of teenagers text regularly, and one in three sends more than one hundred texts per day (Stewart, “Does Cell Phone Use Really Affect Our Communication Skills?”). Text messaging is the way teens communicate now, when confronted face to face they may not say anything, afterwards the person text messages the one whom confronted him or her and then says something back. Social networking is also squashing communication among teens; a phone call is not the way to get ahold of somebody anymore, Facebook and Twitter is (Stewart, “Does Cell Phone Use Really
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