Technology Is The World Keep Changing

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Technology is said to be usage of knowledge of various tools, techniques and other sequence of mathematical coded electronic instruction by man to fabricate a model to solving problems or to improve upon preexisting ones. Also, one may just say it is an application in which human apply to solving problems. As the world keep changing, so do technology. Today technology has inspired a lot of change into the way we do things or relate to certain problems. We will all agree that, we cannot talk about technology without mentioning inventions. Most importantly, it is an undeniable fact that, all the sophisticated gadget we see around were invented through the application of science and technology. Some of these gadgets such as cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. have indeed made life so easy to operate and also help in creating non existing jobs. Burkhardt, M. E., & Brass, D. J. (1990) states that, “the computer system offered distributed processing capabilities, including file editing, data-base management, statistical analysis, spreadsheet analysis, and word processing to all employees. Prior to the introduction of distributive processing capabilities, an external computing facility was accessed for computer analysis of research data for all employees”. Technological advancement and innovation has enhanced the definition of progress.
Technology and Social change
Since the introduction of computers, the world has experience a tremendous change and it is…
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