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all the senses, muscles and brain-body systems that are deployed to climb a tree).” It is helpful to think of using a diet when thinking about child experiences and what matters is not stay away from certain experiences but to have a much wider balanced diet they say that is a great analogy. They also say, “We have a reasonable idea of the consequences of a highly restricted, largely digital and screen-based diet.” Children do not need to stay away from certain activities unless they have to, but they should widen the types of activities they do so they have more of a variety of opportunities to try new things. This can be debated by opinions but there is research out there that give evidence that technology is the problem. One research…show more content…
Does technology take away creativity? Some adults think it does not. In the article “Beware the quick tech fix when….” It states that, “A great many adults these days tell me how impressed they are with their young kids’ facility with technology or with what they think the kids are learning as they interact with screens.” We should stop and look at how children grow and learn to compare it with using technology. There are many years of research on child development. They say that all children need to play and they are very active. Children learn through actual play and using their hands to learn with different objects and in places like nature. The time children spend on technology is not really hands on experience because they are not using actual objects other than their hands. Children are using their hands but there is more to using their hands then just through a screen and they need to actually touch objects to experience things. They can build things using an IPad but it is not the same as actually taking real blocks and using them to build a castle not the blocks from Minecraft. Play is using creativity but it does not have to be on devices all the time that play is used. What about all the toys out there for children they need to stop using so much technology and use some of the toys. We can even buy some toys to play outside even a ball or a Frisbee would do. It is basic and simple but can be so much fun. In most sports they use a ball or a simple
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