Technology Is Too Dependent On Technology

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Can you remember the last time you’ve made it through an entire day without using your phone or computer? If you are part of today’s technology consuming society, it might be hard to find an answer to that question. The most recent generations have grown up around all kinds of technology and new breakthroughs within technology. For the most part, older generations have learned to adapt to it, but many people are too reliant on technology, especially teenagers. Teens do not regularly use technology to their advantage, but more so for their own personal use. An individual is too dependent on technology when they feel deprived without it. Being too dependent on technology can lead to addiction and that can impose harmful side effects. Teenagers, typically, fall into this “too dependent” category because of their avid use of technology such as, cell phones, the internet, and computers.
Cell phones and computers were invented to aid in daily routines and were not intended to be the primary source of activity among individuals. Until the mid 1990’s, computers weren’t an everyday necessity; however, they began to evolve when Windows 95 came out, which was also when the internet became popular. Cell phones were invented in the 1970’s, but didn’t truly take their place until the 2000’s when smartphones became a big hit. People from older generations, say from the early 1900’s, did not grow up around this type of technology; therefore, they are not as likely to rely as heavily on it
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