Technology Leadership, Student Performance, And Non Traditional Instruction Programs On Student Achievement

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Innovative use of technology continues to expand in public schools. The goal is no longer to purchase and teach students how to use technology, but to improve the integration of technology in the classroom so that its use is seamless and intuitive to the learning process. Technology leadership is integral to this improvement. Visionary leadership in technology provides structure, guidance, and support to education programs.
The literature review relating to distance education, leadership, student performance, and non-traditional instruction programs revealed a complete absence of research data regarding non-traditional instruction programs beyond the state department of education providing a basic description of how these programs
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Human subject’s consideration and clearance from IRB. Human subject’s consideration and clearance from IRB was approved after the proposal and documented was passed in the final document. No identifying information about the participants was shared during any part of this study. In the demographics section of the survey, principals were asked the name of their school in order to correlate and test for a relationship between technology leadership and overall school accountability indexes. However, no individual or school identifying information was included in the study. The identities of schools and administrators were protected at all times.
Subjects. The population sample for this study consisted of (insert number) elementary, middle, and high schools from 44 Kentucky school districts. These districts were chosen based on their participation in the non-traditional instruction program during 2015-2016 school year. Preschools were not included in the study. Participating schools from the 2016-2017 school year were also excluded from the study since there were no assessment data available at the time the study was conducted.
Overall accountability indexes from the state assessment were used to represent overall student achievement in those
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