Technology Leading to Social Isolation

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Technology Leading to Social Isolation Technology Leading to Social Isolation Imagine walking down the street, listening to your iPod, texting on your cellphone or reading books on your tablet. Do you actually look up long enough to notice other people around you? In most situations no, you are oblivious to what other people are doing around you because you are so involved in your social media connections. When you are at home, work or school how often do you get involved with your social media? Take a minute to really think about how much time you spend on your phone, laptop, tablet, iPod, or any other piece of technology. How much time do you spend alone because of it? Although technological innovations have helped us grow as a…show more content…
They have a need and desire to “stay connected” in a false world where anyone can be who they want to be, where anyone can falsify who they are just to impress other people for praise and attention but act completely different or opposite in a physical situation. This example emphasizes on how people need face-to-face contact to function in society, to explore emotions and feelings in a physical situation rather than through “emoji’s”; ideograms or smiley faces that express a specific emotion or feeling. When connecting through some kind of technological piece of equipment, people share their feelings or emotions using these ideograms which depict the simplest form of expression, which they may or may not actually be feeling. With a healthy balance of meaningful face-to-face relationships and social media interconnections, one can stay physically connected and healthy while staying active in their social media connections. Over the past decade, technological innovations have begun to evolve rapidly and there are more applications with ever changing ways to “stay connected”. This has caused people to stay on top of what is newly available in order to make their life easier and more accessible to stay connected on social media. “Social isolation can affect the mental health
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