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Another requirement of 11th grade in the Technology Literacy area is to understand and use technology systems. We plan to type the letters to students in other countries which would fit the Iowa Core requirement. We plan to do this every other week depending on how long it takes them to respond. By using a website called EPals we are able to contact these different nations. Another idea that was brought up was to Skype with the other classes about once a month. A third requirement we discovered on Iowa Core was and Employability Skill is to work with others productively and appropriately. We will be working with others when we do peer editing. There are more ways that our project will fit Iowa Core requirements but these were just a few.…show more content…
This will help us to improve our cultural awareness in our school. We will first find three to five teachers from all different nations for each class that Mrs. Klein has during the day. She will assign each person a student from the other country, and if needed, two people to the same student, or vise versa. The letters we write will be written on the computer and emailed to the other class. When we write these letters, it will be about every other week, or how ever often they are able to answer us back. Before we send our letters each time, Mrs. Klein will assign everyone to another person in their class to edit the letter. We want to do this so the writing is peer edited, competently written, and appropriate. If someone refuses to write a letter, points will be taken from their grade and someone who is willing to write another paper can write to that other student. Writing these letters will not only be a great activity for us to learn about another culture, but for the other class to also maybe learn a new language. Also, as we learn something we didn’t know about their country, hopefully, they will learn something new about…show more content…
To accomplish this, we brainstormed the idea to do a speech presentation that would teach classmates about the certain culture that had been connected with. Mrs. Klein approved this idea developed it so the speeches would be presented as part of the semester test. This semester test presentation will include basic background information over the country they contacted and what they learned from their pen pal. The Carroll juniors will be required to ask certain questions of students from other nations about their culture. Hopefully, through skyping or email attachments pictures can also be shared and included in the final speech as visual aids. We expect this presentation to feed the fire of interest that our students have for world cultures as we have received positive feedback so
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