Technology Make People Feel Alone Analysis

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Does Technology Make People Feel alone? Obviously, when considering the question of whether technology makes people feel alone, one will think that it does make them feel more alone. The focus here lies in arguing that everywhere the majority of people show signs of being dependent on screen-based technology. Wherever you go most people will either be looking at their phones or a screen. If not looking at a screen, some will have in earbuds and will be rocking out to their favorite tunes. Either way today’s technology has made it easy for people to disconnect from reality and “plug in” to the digital world. It is clear to see that staring at their screens prevents people from being engaged with a new experience that many are likely to get from face-to-face socializing; to put the matter differently, advanced technologies appear to prevent the society from “living in the moment” (Price 26). When thinking about how the past generations used to share their time, it is worth saying that enjoyed each day by having unpredictable conversations with a variety of surrounding people. One cannot help but realize that this practice gave older generations an opportunity to feel more connected even though the use of technical advances had minimal use in everyday life. Looking at 21st century digital culture, it is important to see that technology occurs as an essential part of social reality; in other words, one has to be conscious that the bulk of all people are currently addicted to
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