Technology Makes A Difference?

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Technology Makes a Difference As times have changed, technology has become more advanced. In many ways, it has changed the way people have lived. Technology is supposed to make life easier and better, and it has done that, but it has also cut down on then number of serial killers. Since the advancement of technology, the number of serial killers has declined. Serial killers are most likely to get caught sooner, and less likely to kill more. In 1980 serial killing was at an all time high, but by the 2000s it has dropped greatly (Racine). Various factors have changed that, but technology may be a big part of that. DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is a genetic code that makes every individual unique; because of this fact, DNA has become the most important and most accurate information found at a crime scene. Before Alec Jeffrey’s discovery of DNA profiling in the 80’s, investigators would use fingerprints, and many of the same techniques they use today (Bailey). However, back then it was harder to prosecute the “right” person simply because anyone’s fingerprints can be at a crime scene, or any accusation without evidence could be a dead end. Today, with DNA evidence at a scene, investigators can narrow down their search to one person, and for that one person, it would be difficult to be innocent. With any kind of knowledge of DNA, criminals may be too afraid of getting caught. DNA does not exactly lie, but in some cases a criminals will do anything and everything to cover up
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