Technology Management Support System : Motives Of Managers

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Inovative Technologies/Computorised Management Support system Motives of Managers What do decision support systems do that actually helps their users? What is their real impact? In my survey, answers to these questions proved elusive in many cases since the users valued the systems for reasons that were completely different from initial ideas of what the systems were to accomplish. In fact, a wide range of purposes exists for these systems. While many decision support systems share the goals of standard EDP systems, they go further and address other managerial concerns such as improving interpersonal communication, facilitating problem solving, fostering individual learning, and increasing organizational control. Such systems can affect…show more content…
With the system, it was possible to explore and manipulate a large data base of information on the industry. Although the merger was not approved, management thought that the system helped it put up a good fight. • The management of a shipping company found that a system it used in consolidating and fine-tuning strategic investment plans also helped it negotiate with banks. The banks and other sources of financing seemed to be uniformly impressed by the careful computer-based analysis on which management based its financing requests. The resulting edge in credibility was small, but, in management’s opinion, noticeable. Now that we have seen illustrations of the offensive tools of persuasion, let us turn to examples of the “defensive” (persuading someone that the user has done a good job) uses of these systems: • When asked whether he ever made direct use of a case tracking system, the head of an adjudication group in a government regulatory agency said that he remembered only one instance. This was when he spent a lunch hour generating a report to make his group’s recent performance appear as favorable as possible in spite of some unfortunate delays and problems that made the standard report look bad. • The new president of a large conglomerate used a one-year budgeting model to leam about the budgeting choices that existed, as well as to help him discount what people in various areas
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