Technology Negative Effects

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Negative Effects of Technology on Sleep Technology in the world Technology is everywhere nowadays; it can be found in every scenario of our lives from the desktop computer in your room to the smartphones keeping you company at night, it is no surprise that our lives wouldn’t be the same without it. Knowing this, it is hard to implement the fact that along with all the advantages and efficiencies that are brought into effect through technology, there are bound to be disadvantages. Of the disadvantages of technology on our lives, one of the most relevant and conceivable one is its effect on sleep. Blue Light and our Brain According to a scientific research study held in 2014, around 95% of people in America are bound to use some electronic gadget within the same hour they are going to bed (Technology and Sleep, 2017). This trend has a direct impact on sleeping patterns as most people can relate to the feeling of lying on there bed at night and not being able to go to sleep, just about anyone would turn to there phones to resolve for some company. However, this matter does not help the issue, it in fact makes it worse, the blue light produced from electronic devices such as phones, laptops, or televisions travels in wavelengths which suppresses our delta brainwaves that are meant to induce sleep, in turn causes our brain to produce alpha wavelengths which provoke alertness and the increased production of a stress hormone called cortisol. Suppression of Melatonin Levels The

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