Technology Networking Project Tools and Better Utilization of Social and Corporate Capital

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Technology, Networking, Project Tools, and Better Utilization of Social and Corporate Capital in the Provision of Legal Services to Low-Income Sector Statement of Thesis Use of project management tools in the form of information technology tools serves to enable the Legal Services organization in achieving its mission while doing so in a manner that does not create great expense for the organization. Included in these tools are networking, project tools, optimized use of corporate and social capital in the organization and continuous improvement for meeting the stated organizational mission of legal services organizations. Introduction This work addresses improving the service delivery process in a non-profit organization that provides legal services to low-income individuals. The problem that is faced by the staff of the legal services organization is one that has arisen due to reductions in funding of the organization. This has resulted in the organization being limited in terms of the caseload that it is capable of taking on effectively. The methodology utilized in this study is qualitative in nature and involves intense examination of the organization's resources both in terms of funding and in terms of social capital of the organization in addition to the need for continuous improvement and optimization of all organizational resources. Networking is examined and technology applications that enable optimization of all organizational time and resources. It is
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