Technology : New Technology In A New World

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In today’s era technology, has begun to take over. Mankind has taken the extra step to turn those once fictional movies into reality. There were once horror movies of cars driving themselves, fully functioning robots, hover boards, and many more inventions that only people could dream about. Over the past few years’ companies have been making a drastic breakthrough to make life easier and more enjoyable. One of the companies that have invested lots of time, money, and energy into changing the world is Tesla.
Tesla is an American vehicle manufacturer, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Their goal is to make the world a better place to live while cleaning up the environment. When you think of Tesla I’m sure that like many people the first thing that comes to mind is electric vehicles. Tesla has been known to produce high efficient electric vehicles and their prices are an indication of their quality.
Tesla is a for profit organization and they chose to give away their patented information about the design of their electric cars to other car manufacturers so that they can also contribute to helping the world. Some people may feel that this was a dumb decision by tesla to give away the one advantage that made them stand out from the others. Even though other car manufacturers will have the information to create the electric car they do not have the biggest advantage that
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