Technology Of Failed Stretch Computer

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3) Learning from past experience: The companies must maintain a record of lessons of their success and failures to help themselves to be at a better position. George Santayana, one of the famous philosopher coined a phrase “Santayana Review” speaks about those who overlooks the past and do not pay attention tends to repeat the mistakes. IBM’s 360 computer was result of “technology of failed stretch computer”. Here the learning happened to be by chance rather than by careful planning. Another example is of Boeing launches, based on the principle of “Project Homework” to eliminate some serious problems. They worked on the comparison between the development process of 737 & 747 with those of 707 & 727. And came out with an inch-thick booklet of lessons learned and recommendations. Today 757 and 767 are the most successful error free launches in its history. Similarly, Xerox also used the retrospective approach to find out the cause of failure of the company’s restructured business initiatives. Furthermore, Arthur D. Little, the consulting company showcased the companies utmost successful practices, publications & techniques featuring booths and presentations documenting the same around the world. Also, British Petroleum at its project level established the post project appraisal unit to review the earlier major investment projects. In this approach, two concepts have been recognized the value of productive failure as contrasted unproductive success. Productive failure is the
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