Technology Of The Internet Of Things

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Abstract—Due to the vulnerable nature of the Internet of Things (IOT) the security and privacy are those important issues for the IOT which attracted lots of focus in recent years. The lack of efficient and lightweight authentication method in IOT can make it a delicious vulnerable victim for several impersonate-based attacks. This paper proposes a new authentication mechanism for IOT called Certificate-based Identity Resolution (CIR) which tries to protect IOT terminal nodes from attacks by applying a lightweight identity resolution method and using a Local Certificate Generator in order to simplify the node authentication process. Keywords—Internet Of Things; Certificate-based Identity Resolution; Authentication; Access control I. Introduction In the last few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been widespread like a boom word, where virtually any device having an Internet connection can be communicated and is accessible through the Internet. By making a secure user interactions with IoT is very important for making the notion of “things everywhere” to be successful. Many researchers are focusing on developing and improving the implementation and security of IoT based devices. Two of the major aspects for enabling the security of IoT are Authentication and Access Control to perform secure communication between devices. In this paper we will present a novel local-authentication process which will enhance the simplicity of node authentication, keeping it safe from
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