Technology Of The Twentieth Century

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Technology has managed to consume most people in the twentieth century. Whether its your laptop, your cell phone, or the latest television serious you 've managed to find yourself hooked on; theres something thats gotten everyone interested. Depending on if you 're into texting, the latest Netflix series, watching the news, or playing video games, technology of the twentieth century has managed to intrigue just about everyone. While there are many benefits that technology has to offer, the world doesn 't know how to live without it anymore. People find themselves lost without their Iphone, Gps, or Google to answer their questions. Being in constant communication with someone has become an everyday routine for us. Whether its texting, snapchatting, emailing, or constantly picking up the phone, odds are that you 're talking to someone via electronics most of the day. Its hasn’t always been like this (believe it or not) and humans were never supposed to rely so heavily on inanimate objects. We are constantly being updated on what is going on in the world. Scrolling through twitter or just turning on the news automatically fills you in on whats going on in the world. Although this is incredibly helpful and even more convenient, we shouldn 't be constantly filling our minds with this information. There was a period of time when things were all hear say. With Google at your fingerprints you have the answer to just about any question you could fathom to ask, and within seconds the
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