Technology On Children And Technology

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Children nowadays are always on there phones, tablets, and other electronics. Parents nowadays get their children's all sorts electronics, but did you ever thought of the effects that these electronics have on children's and pre-teens? The results may vary on the different children and types of technology, some children might have far more screen time than a certain other, they might have a brighter screen or it may vary on the children themselves they might have a condition that may worsen with the use of technology. One of the effects on children and young teens is they don't get much exercise as they used to do without electronics, according to an article How technology impacts children's development by (Dhruvin Patel, MCOptom posted on Thrive Global), it states “technology such as computers, smart phones and television encourages them to be sedentary when they get home from school, as opposed to going outside and playing with other kids.” this means that children and young teen with parents that get them electronics spend more time on them than on important excuses or in general going outside and going for a walk, not necessarily having to run or play a specific sport. On an article named Excessive daily TV watching may increase risk of death American Heart Association Rapid Access Journalists it states “Researchers found that compared to participants who watched TV less than 2.5 hours each day, deaths from a pulmonary embolism increased by: 70 percent among those who watched TV from 2.5 to 4.9 hours 40 percent for each additional 2 hours of daily TV watching; and 2.5 times among those who watched TV 5 or more hours.”, this was all just because of watching television for certain amounts of time They also don’t developed social skill like they are supposed to because they spend so much time one electronics than playing with people their ages and developing social skills One on the effects on children and young teens is loss in concentration in an article by Pew Research Center called How Teens Do Research in the Digital World by KRISTEN PURCELL, LEE RAINIE, ALAN HEAPS, JUDY BUCHANAN, LINDA FRIEDRICH, AMANDA JACKLIN, CLARA CHEN AND KATHRYN ZICKUHR it states “87% say these technologies are
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