Technology On Society And Safety

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The usage of electronic devices has affected people since the first apparatuses were commercialized. This impact of technology can be both negative and positive regardless of how we use it. My point in this particular intellectual journal is solely to show the results of my research throughout the majority of ENC1102 regarding to the topic technology on society and safety, my personal opinions toward the subject and my findings, as well as insight into further research I’d like to conduct and knowledge I’d like to gain.

Technology on Society and Safety
In my opinion, I feel like I learn more about technology on society and safety. I’m a kind of person that is so involved with technology, and I guess I can say that I
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These video sources I found very interesting because booth talks about the impact of technology, and the disadvantages of technology, and they also talk about how technology contributes on our daily basis. On the first video for instance, I found very interesting because it explains in the introduction that our dependency on technology has been increasing. It also explains that we are not just getting distracted by technology, but we are also getting addicted to it. It gives me an idea that the author is going to talk about our relationship with technology. On the last video source, I found very interesting and useful because it talks about how the new tools for surgery have helped the health field. On these sources, I hope to learn more the impact of technology, the disadvantages and the advantages. Also, I hope to learn how technology was in the past.
The first video is about 53 minutes’ long by Arianna Huffington, and it was retrieved from The second video is approximately 19 minutes ‘length by a surgeon and inventor called Catherine Mohr and it was retrieved from I will probably watch the video by Huffington first because it is more related to our relationship with technology.
Our Relationship with Technology It seems that our daily activities are now based on technology. Since the manufacture of computers and smartphones achieved an important tool for the humanity, digital technology became frequently used for the purpose of doing almost
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