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Then, according to Zahra (1996) article named "Technology strategy and new venture performance: a study of corporate-sponsored and independent biotechnology ventures", the development of technology has given rise to many opportunities for enterprises in many ways. This article presents 10 hypotheses, and the author collects data from 112 new US Biotech Corp to test these hypotheses (Zahra, 1996). The original questionnaire was revised according to the feedback from 17 risk managers, and many respondents provided detailed comments on their company's operations and tracking records. In addition, more than 70% of respondents asked for a summary of the survey results, which indicated that they were interested in the study (Zahra, 1996). By…show more content…
The research project combines the research of new products and new enterprises in order to make a more comprehensive assessment of relative success factors. This article is based on two studies which are focus on a questionnaire survey of 68 projects, using 24 CEOs of new technology companies as respondents to collect the data by giving the respondents some structured questions (Stuart and Abetti, 1987). And the paper puts forward many hypotheses about the success or failure factors of the company. Although this article only used a quantitative research method, a large number of samples increase the credibility of the data (Cooper, Schindler & Sun, 2006). The findings confirm that the importance of entrepreneurs' prior experience, knowledge base and skills, such as product innovation, technology and marketing strategy, which will play a key role in the start-up period of enterprises (Stuart and Abetti, 1987). However, important factors are considered to be abandoned, and these factors may also play a role in success, but the authors have not been able to capture their impact. In this paper, they should encourage the respondent to response the survey question in a more effective way to improve the reliability of the data (Malterud, 2001). In Keh and Nguyen (2007) article ‘the effects of entrepreneurial
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