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My older brother, Jack, always excelled at any and all tasks that required a strong sense of reason. Despite his giftedness, Jack never worked well in any group, or even acclimated socially with many other kids. He wasn’t concerned with communicating his ideas to his peers, couldn’t make the effort to consider his words’ effects on other kids, and he was prone to angry outbursts when he didn’t get his way. While most other children grew out of these phases, Jack continues to exhibit these qualities even today at 23. Before we found out that Jack was on the autism spectrum, I spent a decade performing countless tasks and activities with Jack: building block houses, playing games, assembling Legos; the formative activities two brothers close…show more content…
What my time with Jack taught me, more broadly, is the importance and effectiveness of compassion within a work setting. By taking a moment to analyze and attempt to understand where a person’s words come from and how to properly respond, I tapped into Jack’s brilliance and continue to tap into the brilliance of those around me. 1. While the first time I used a computer was before the first time I had conscious thought, I reached out to my Dad and he told me he first brought home a computer for the family to use when I was 3 years old. At age 3, I was playing the age-old puzzle games that have captivated my enthrallment all my life (even to this day I’m trying to find a download for Zoombinis). This period must have been when technology became an important part of my life, because for every part of my life I can remember, technology has been an integral part of my life. However, technology has played countless roles in my life over the years. Having had handwriting issues all my life (bad enough to get me diagnosed with dysgraphia), the keyboard liberated me and introduced me to a love a writing and storytelling I was never before able to experience. From grades 3 through 7, I used a pseudo-typewriter called an AlphaSmart in order to participate in school. This simple keyboard propelled me from barely being able to write a page of a simple story to writing a pages and pages, unlocking my

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