Technology Play: Advantages and Disadvantages for Development and Learning

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Young children are growing up in a technology environment. It is within this environment that traditional concepts of play are being influenced. Early childhood settings reflect children’s environments therefore the introduction of technology would be a natural consequence. Play is central to children’s development and learning, consequently technology play is influential. To benefit children’s development and learning, technology play has to be inclusive and developmentally appropriate with attention to technology placement while ensuring the learning is curriculum based. To extend the learning experience skilled educators have to scaffold children’s learning experience with different tools, technology play can thus be a useful tool.…show more content…
The idea of the toy has changed is recent years with the introduction of technology. A large proportion of the toy market includes interactive technology and the educational toy is becoming popular. Within the home environment children have access to technology from a very young age television, play station and computers are often easily accessed.
Globalisation, marketing and lucrative sales for toy manufacturers provides opportunities for companies to reflect this increasing influence of technology on play. Manufacturers are developing new toys that utilise technology, mini computers for the very young that use software programs to help children with maths and spelling are readily available. Interactive toys have great potential to educate. (Papert 2005).
There are many areas of children’s development, social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical, the three major domains are cognitive, physical and psychosocial (Hoffnung, Hoffnung, Seifert, Smith and Hine 2010).
Research has suggested that there can be positive effects on cognitive development for children from technology (Clements 1994). Moreover the use of technology in areas of mathematical content and literacy can support children who have difficulty (Bredekamp and Rosegrant 1994). Computer software can build on problem solving skills and conceptual skills.
Technology play can enhance cognitive development if used
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