Technology Replacing People Research Paper

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Technology Replacing People?
Technology is changing so quickly that a skill or job that was relevant yesterday could be taken by a machine tomorrow. People may wonder, will robots take over every job and will humans become irrelevant. Computers have helped people in many ways correcting human error while writing, or saving time and money by helping to do simple tasks easier and more efficiently. Think about banks or automotive assembly lines these have been replaced by machines. You can now deposit checks and manage money with your phone, people that once used to build vehicles now are replaced by machines. It is not because people were doing these jobs the wrong way it's that technology can do jobs faster without human error.
Generally today if someone wants to know an answer to a question they won't ask people around them or look it up in a book they will go on the computer and ask the question to google. People do this because they know
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Before modern assembly lines people were creating and driving cars now machines can do both of those things. People rarely need to go to a bank anymore with the introduction of atms, and today it is possible to manage your bank accounts with a smartphone. Recently fast food companies have started to replace cashiers with touch screen interfaces that customers can order food from. A lot of people have even stopped shopping at retail stores and only buy at online stores such as amazon or ebay because the process is easier and you can save money, retail stores are even giving the option to go to their online website to purchase instead of going into the store. Inevitably all of these changes in effect it could create a different society where people are less social due to the fact they are dealing with machines all day. It will also cause the e-commerce to take over due to it saving people money and
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