Technology Research : Museum 's Mission

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Technology Research Museum audiences seek engaging activities. Museums seek opportunities to remain relevant to audiences. By providing educational opportunities in a relevant and current format, museums create new relationships with their audience. Technological advances over the last twenty years provide new tools that allow museums to engage audiences in educational and entertaining experiences. Technology changed the way in which people share information and learn (Russo 2011, 32). It is an exciting time with limitless possibilities for museums. A challenge occurs for museums to use the technology appropriately and in an effective manner that does not distract from the museum’s mission. While learning takes place in museums, these technological advances provide possibilities to create engaging exhibits and learning opportunities to audiences at the museum and beyond its walls. The technological advancements and rise in use of social media, provides museums opportunities for interaction with their audiences and their community. Engaging with the community through social media discussions, provides museums an opportunity to connect, and build relationships (Russo, 2011, 327). These conversations provide museums insight to the community’s needs and defines the services that museums should provide. These services include educational and cultural activities. Some examples of the educational experiences that museums provide beyond their walls are podcasts and
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