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With the development of globalization, people live in an increasingly culturally dissimilar world. The changing environment forces international companies to re-construct their strategies and tens of thousands of people leave their countries for better education, career, and life opportunities. In the context, not only international companies but also domestic firms have no other options except hiring people from diverse cultures. It has become a usual phenomenon that a growing number of people with diverse cultural backgrounds exist in different organisations. The activities of human beings are heavily influenced by culture on various levels, e.g. individuals, nations and organizations, the influence of which also takes actions in…show more content…
Return to my own case – the multi-cultural team for study program. Although the language barrier increased troubles for communication and related management issues, the benefits that we gained from this kind of multi-cultural composition were also obvious. Two Chinese students including me had management background, the logic and systematic theory of which helped us construct a promising framework, and the Indian guy studying in School of Software took charge of all coding tasks for our group while the domestic Korean girls obtained empirical data from several local Korean firms effectively. In this case, everyone was assigned to the fittest task to enlarge their abilities.
It is promising that multi-cultural team provides the opportunity to create a flexible and open environment for management, where managers would be easy to activate the creativity of team members and construct a cooperative model to deal with team targets.
As we mentioned, multi-cultural team would be more and more common in the future, and how to manage multi-cultural team would become an emergent problem for human resource management. Aiming to provide some thoughts to improve work efficiency and help manager better construct and develop multi-cultural teams, we attempted to learn the challenges faced in multi-cultural teams. Behfar, Kern & Brett (2006) asserted that learning the cultural orientations of team

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