Technology Self-Efficacy: Article Analysis

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The technology has impacted the every aspect of life in these days. The advances in the new technology have improved the life and make it easier to perform the jobs. Back then, there were many jobs which do not require the use of technology, but nowadays every job requires the skills to use the technology. Furthermore, the technology is being used in various forms such as smartphone devices, tablets, laptops, and other online sources. Nowadays, the technology is making people more independent and providing the great benefits. People can perform daily tasks with the help of new electronics devices which save a lot of time. Moreover, the latest technology has shown the significant improvement in the teaching methods and the students learning…show more content…
Although there are many negative impacts of the technology, the advances in the technology have the great impacts on the education because it provides the great learning opportunities. First of all, the technology has changed the structure of the classrooms. Nowadays, the technology has shifted the simple classrooms to digital classrooms. In the article The effect of the digital classroom on academic success and online technologies self-efficacy, the author states, “Learning environments enriched with technology have shifted from simple computer labs to highly technological environments equipped with computers, projection machines, internet connection and communications technology, and started to be named as digital classrooms with ICT opportunities” (Mehmet Arif Ozerbas & Bilge Has Erdogan). The author points out that the technology has changed the classroom by providing the digital classroom. The use of technology in the classrooms help students take good notes, improve the learning experiences, and make them more creative. Many studies have shown that the digital classrooms also help the student become successful in their academic careers. “According to Sezgin’s (2002) research, the…show more content…
There are many apps, games, and websites which help students with their learning by providing the great resources. Nowadays, there are many games which help the students with their studies such as dictionaries, math solving, spelling, and puzzles solving apps. Back then, people rely more on books to improve their intelligence and cognitive abilities, but technology offers more than books. In the book Everything Bad Is Good For You, Johnson states, “By almost all the standards we use to measure reading’s cognitive benefits- attention, memory, following threads, and so on - the nonliterary popular culture has been steadily growing more challenging over the past thirty years” (23). Johnson made the point that as the popular culture is growing, it offers challenging, and it allows people to use problem-solving skills. Moreover, the new technology offers great apps and games which are improving the hand-eye-coordination, and it allows the user great learning experience. Johnson writes, “I have no doubt that playing today’s games does in fact improve your visual intelligence and your manual dexterity, but the virtues of gaming run far deeper than hand-eye coordination” (24). The video games allow the user to deep focus on the problems which improves the eye-hand coordination and improves the intelligence. Furthermore, Johnson writes, “The
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