Technology Setback Essay

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Technology: Growth or Setback Over the last decade, technology has been growing at a exponential rate. Technology has impacted the lives of everyone around us. According to renowned author Nicolas Carr, in his essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” He brings up an argument that Google has negatively affected our lives in numerous ways. Without technology, there wouldn’t be Google. Additionally, former scientist Dr Manny Alvarez argue that technology has played a negative role in developing our children (millennial). For example, an increase in a child’s screen time will lead to being 50% more likely to have speech delays. On the contrary, I believe technology has will have a positive benefactors such as: improvement in education, increase creativity among children, and increased accessibility of resources.

In early child development, the use of an iPad, tablet and other electronics has grown significantly. Alvarez might argue that electronics will hinder the child’s ability to communicate and socialize. According a popular parenting blog, digiparenthood, “Active screen time help children develop language skills… they learn new words and proper ways to pronounce them.” The usage of electronics at young age will give early access to videos, learning programs, entertainment for the children. Such programs like brainpop, abcmouse, and even pbs kids can affect language for the child. Being the brother of a 11 year old girl, I watched her grow up learning all her vocabulary from
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