Technology Solutions For Senior Management Essay

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The organization that I was working in the past before starting my Master’s program is Cognizant Technology Solutions. It is a Multinational Corporation that provides Information Technology, Consulting and Business Process outsourcing services. I was working as a Senior Systems Executive proving the clients with monitoring and requests handling services. My team and I also made reports from big data and presented it to the clients with suggestions in order for them to make better business decisions. From my experience working there through the decision makings and work processes and through my research about the organization, I find that Cognizant Technology Solutions is very analytically competitive within the organization and also externally through the intelligent services they provide their clients.
Cognizant Technology Solution’s Position within the Pillars of Analytics
According to Davenport and Harris (2007), the four pillars of analytical competition are Distinctive Capability, Enterprise-wide analytics, Senior management commitment and Large scale ambition. Of these four pillars, the commitment of senior management plays an important role in a company being able to be analytically competitive because it is the senior managers who make the final strategic decisions within the company and with respect to the customers and clients. Likewise, Cognizant Technology Solutions has senior management who understand the value and importance of analytics that they work towards
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