Technology Solutions for Human Services Paper

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The human service profession involves various obstacles to overcome when working with a variety of clients. Obstacles are seen in all phases of human services in areas providing services, planning programs, and funding troubles. However, the elimination of some of these barriers can be done with the use of proper technology. Providing services to the aging population can be challenging, when providing services to this particular group because of the rising elderly population needing help and the decline of mental and physical aging individual. The following sections of this assignment will attempt to identify some of the technological applications that can be of use to overcome these barriers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau,…show more content…
. Word Processing Word processing programs can be of use to keep lists of elderly individuals’ in different categories. For example, if a worker needs to create a mailing list for information sent on current or new programs, using a program such as mail merge will print out address labels. This feature can also compose letters or store important data that can be of use for future mailings, reminders of certain appointments, or payment reminders as well. PowerPoint Presentations A PowerPoint presentation is a form of a slide show that can be of much benefit to the aging population because this feature can help with memory and cognition. An elderly individual can fail to recognize simple daily tasks, which is brought on by age cognition disability. Presentations for the aging population are helpful, as some of the pictures illustrated can remind an elderly individual on how to complete a simple task such as sweeping, cooking, and so forth. Presentation also can be of use in the working field for the purpose of reporting data to upper authorities and community members by using graphs to track use of the availability of programs to this particular age group or community. Cell Phones As the age of technology rises, even the aging community is taking advantage of cell phone use. With cell phones, most elderly individuals can stay in touch with family members and community workers. This particular item is very convenient for elderly
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