Technology Standards For The Outsourcing Of The Software

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Technology Standards • The first technology standard relating to the outsourcing of the software writing would be the Base Operating System. The two teams must decide on a base OS to be used. This will allow for easier sharing, troubleshooting, and future support of the product. This need for this standard is because most programing software packages offer solutions for Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC. The issue arises if one team is using one OS platform and the other is using another, even if they are using the same application to write the code there may be differences which could cause problems in future bug fixes. The idea of a standard platform goes beyond the writing suite and extends into all expects of the work. This primary standard will be a basis for all other applications chosen by the company from email to collaboration. • The Second concern would be the level of encryption for the SSL VPN. The level indicated by the India group is very poor and considered unsecure by most measures. The ability to break the encryption is much easier with the lower bit encryption used. Both teams need to agree on a minimum encryption to use that would be both secure enough to ensure that data is not compermised but yet not so intrusive to the data that causes lag in transmission. The outsourcing company in India would should have a good understanding of the legal specifications of encryption for data moving between the 2 companies. Generally there is a max encryption put in
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